Thursday, October 15, 2009


On My Way to class..
Thinking about her.
Her is love.
Her is Time.
Her is forever.
Forever is us.
She makes me feel good.
She makes me dance.
She makes me sing.
She makes me smile.
Thinking about us.
Us is together.
Us is Here.
Us is happieness.
Us is peave.
Us is Love!

Learning This.

Ummmm So confused on how to follow bloggers. i dont know! I'm just going with the flow.ugh. pulling my hair out. throwing the computer mouse on the floor, watching it swing under my desk from the cord. Ahhh!

OK..Just kidding I'm really not that dramatic. but yeah its getting there. Do we follow the blogs people write or there actually page.. or both?! lol

anyways... I'm learning this..once i do. I'll be happy again!

Good ol' rainy day...


How it all started?!

So I'm @ my Universities computer lab.. talking to my friend India on facebook. She told me about this site called., which had already it has inspired me. It helped express my self.

I love fashion and catching up on the latest trends. Music! and I'm obsessed with taking pics of my self and every thing around me..

So thank you India Charmian for migrating me to be a and fan!

I beleave this is a great way to express myself..More things about myself ummm well I love to is kind of getting in the way, or vise versa lol...but hopefully you'll will see me on front cover of a MAG on day.

well..since this is my first blog...I hope this clears up the main points of why I'm on here.. :) More to come...